Work at home Moms

The Journey of a One Successful Stay at Home Mom & How She Did it

There comes a time in every woman’s life when they are faced with a horrible decision to choose either to stay home with their kids or go back to work. Many times the decision is not yours at all its simply a matter of the financial pressures all parents face. Being a work at home mom myself, with two amazing little kids a boy and girl that I wouldn’t change for anything in the world I’ll explain what I did to make ends meet.

I really never considered the option of not being a stay at home mom. Both my husband and I were fortunate enough to be raised that way and it was something I always wanted to do with my kids. Now we were not from some well to do family and we both knew it would be hard but after kid number two things really got tight. I had to stop thinking about ways to make money as a mom and actually commit to becoming a true work at home mom earning real money.

So I decided to become a work at home Mom no matter what!

We had already discussed the option of me going back to work part time but when we took a closer look at the nights I would be working and the need for my husband to get home early on these days it just didn’t make sense. Neither did the cost of childcare vs. what I would be able to bring home every two weeks. This is what began my online search for stay at home jobs for moms.

For some moms it’s just about earning a bit extra each month for the little things we used to love like a new pair of boots or getting your hair cut somewhere other than my mother in laws house. Whatever your reasons are for becoming a work at home mom I’ll show you what I learned to do and what worked for me. I believe I have a pretty good idea of what you’re feeling right now. I remember clearly thinking about how I wanted to be a work at home mom but was lost on how to actually achieve this goal and where to begin. Believe me the fun of becoming a successful work at home mom is really just the beginning.

Let’s begin with the first internet search – WOW what a wakeup call, thousands of websites all saying things like real jobs for moms or legitimate jobs for work at home moms blah blah blah as I came to find out much to the dismay of my credit card bill with 200 bucks worth of uselessness staring me in the face

I then began a smarter approach by researching even further into the world of work from home jobs for moms. I joined chat rooms and forums and got some really great advice as well as made some friends along the way.

I decided to pursue and try a few different ideas to help me decide what was best for me. I did end up buying several more e-books on various work from home mom opportunities. I admittedly also wasted a bit more on not so good stuff but you live and learn

Perhaps I should say if you’re looking for a full fledged career this may not be the method for you but keep in mind you need to be flexible when you decide to become a work from home mom because every day is bring your kids (note the “s” that means 2) to work day... hurray. Now I won’t complain I am living what is in my eyes a dream and able to be with them and watch them grow every day but any parent who says there kids don’t drive them crazy once in a while has got the edge on me.

Sounds old school but the thing I went for first was eBay, it was familiar and something I thought was a good match for a work at home mom. I had used eBay for some around the house items but this eBay course taught me how to scale things up and where to find things I could sell. The author of the e-book Tom Barnes claims he’s made over 8.7 million in ten years using eBay and that he will show you how step by step. Remember what I said earlier, so no I didn’t expect to make a million dollars but I did learn a lot and made $400 in my first month that made me super excited. I expect things to keep growing and for this work from home mom it was my first real money made online so I highly recommend checking it out.

The next thing I explored on my work at home mom journey was mystery shopping. This is where you get paid to shop and eat I mean really what could be better right. The whole idea made sense to me, the site explains that large retailers spend millions of dollars every year to get potential shoppers into the store. They also want to keep their customers coming back and so they will hire everyday people to visit certain locations and to purchase particular items or complete certain tasks within the store and then report the findings back to them. The assignment can take a couple hours and what you get paid normally works out to be approx $20 - $50 an hour. You do get to keep the things you buy in most cases but unfortunately you don’t get to decide what it is your buying ? It’s still a fun way for a work at home mom to earn some money and will get you and the kids out of the house so it’s a win win

Now for my all time favorite affiliate marketing, being a work at home mom this was big for me. The potential is huge and you’ll be surprised to find it’s not nearly as complicated as you might think it is. Believe me it’s worth the read and you could change your life for the better.

Affiliate Hand Book


I know it’s not easy for work at home moms looking for legit home based jobs. Taking into account all that’s required to just be a mom it’s more like trying to juggle a second career. I never really found a work at home job so to speak. What traditional job would be flexible enough for me be there for my kids if they fall or pick them up from the school bus or lay with them when they don’t feel well. I found a big difference when it comes to a work at home job vs. a work at home job for moms. What I ended up actually learning was how an everyday mom with a desire to stay home with her kids could find a way to make real money on her own. I became and still am a work from home mom and loving every day of it.

These are just my experiences of what worked for me. There are many other options out there for work from home moms. Home business ideas based on your previous profession or a chance to explore a business idea you’ve always had but never had the time. Maybe you want the challenge of taking in a couple extra kids a few days a week.

The fact is your not stuck you have skills and therefore have options. Work from home moms can also simply speak with their current or previous employers for job opportunities. This may surprise you but many businesses might be willing to work with you on this if you’re doing a good job and they like you it certainly beats searching for a replacement and incurring the cost of training etc. They may be willing to allow you to work from home but you’ll never know unless you ask.

I hope this has helps and Good Luck Future

Work at Home Mom!!!

Contributor: Maria K.Jacobs - Ontario Canada