Learn About Working At Home


Canadian Opportunity was created to take the scam factor out of finding legitimate ways to work at home in Canada. A full time work at home job is a dream for many Canadians and locating legitimate jobs that you can do from home is in many cases just a dream as well. Working at home is extremely rewarding but does have its unique challenges. Especially living in Canada it can be difficult to distinguish between the work at home opportunities available in Canada vs. the US. Don’t despair there are many positions available to Canadians looking to make some extra money or even replacing a full time income at home. Either through a home based job or home based business working full time or part time there is real work available online. If you’re serious about working at home or starting a business especially full time there are a few basic requirements you will need if you’re going to be successful at it. It’s important that you have a quite dedicated space for your home office in order to accomplish your daily tasks effectively. It’s also a given that you will require a phone and high speed internet connection as basic necessitates.

The type of online jobs found on this site

There are two different types of work at home options you will find on this site. One is your typical 9-5 where you are in most cases an Independent contractor working for one or several different companies. This can range from customer service representatives to data entry to freelance writing for blogs and websites and more. These have their pros and cons of course and I would encourage you to explore what I find to be the more fulfilling and lucrative option that is internet marketing or starting your very own online business. Don’t let the name scare you, the internet is no magic bullet reserved for the ultra internet savvy. Regular people just like you and I can replace our full time incomes if we use our heads and be careful not to get caught up in the overwhelming hype and system jumping that leads so many failures when people try to make money online for the first time. I know this because it’s what happened to me when I started trying to make money by working online. I bought many courses and failed before I learned the basics that I will share with you.

The Basics of Working from Home:

Once you decide on a system or training program you absolutely must stay focused and continue to work at it for at least 90 days. What you say I wanted overnight riches like all the sites promise! Well then you’re in the wrong place, go and waste some money and find this out for yourself the hard way if you like but it’s probably the number on reason people fail when trying to make money online in Canada.

We all can get caught up in the excitement of the sales pitches that make these crazy claims of working 20 minutes a day an earning 15 thousand dollars a month. The reason those pages make these crazy claims is so they too can stand out in the crowd. So here’s what typically happens you buy a training program for $40 bucks and dive in head first. Then after a few weeks of work you may have experienced some difficulties learning the system or what I see all the time is that you may be cutting corners thinking that is wont effect you that much. (famous last words) Worst of all you still haven’t made any money. So what many do is let their attention wonder and BAM they get reading about the next best thing that leads them to believe the first program was a rip off out goes another $40 bucks and the vicious circle continues. Sound familiar?

What I’ve done on this site is to bring like minded people together and share what’s worked with one another. I can’t promise you money in the bank as it ultimately depends on your dedication and motivation to accomplish your goals but I hope this has given you an idea of just how easy it can be to get caught up in the work at home arena and continually spend money vs. making money.

Review these opportunities now, if your dedicated it’s possible to generate more income at home than your typical 9-5, remember the internet provides you a 24 hour 7 days a week 365 day a year marketplace. This means you can be earning money online even when you're asleep on vacation or enjoying a night out with friends. That is the power of making money on the internet! Everything requires effort on your part and I’m not saying its drop down easy to get your business up and running but once established they become 24 hour a day selling machines. The most beautiful part about working at home is that so much of your business can eventually be automated allowing you the freedom to really enjoy what life has to offer. I still sometimes can’t believe I haven’t dealt with rush hour traffic in almost 10 years since I began working from home and it still puts a smile on my face! - Wishing you the best of luck