Work at Home Full Time Jobs

Learn how to find a legitimate work at home job with a reputable company once your current employer has turned you down after suggesting the option. Many companies will entertain the option of allowing you to work at home if you’re established and have shown a good work ethic. The benefit belongs to both you and the company but I’ll talk about that later.

So what’s the next step in locating reputable work at home jobs.

Many of you reading this right now have probably found out the hard way that the work at home industry has its fair share of scams. If you’re looking for reliable steady employment without the outrageous claims of getting rich overnight an excellent company to consider is HomeJobStop

What makes them stand out from many others is the fact they do very little if any advertising and rely on word of mouth which is a great indication as to the quality of the jobs offered.. These jobs can provide a flexible schedule for anyone looking to make some extra money. Ranging from work at home moms and dads to students or otherwise this company is worth looking into.

The reason behind creating the company was based on difficulties in locating legitimate and managed work at home jobs. A leader over the past eleven years in the work at home industry has encouraged more and more employers to begin using the service providing real work at home jobs to people in the US and Canada. They also verify every company ensuring the positions are real and as advertised.

They started in 1999 by providing mostly customer service type jobs but have expanded their job offerings into many different areas over the last several years. They now offer work at home positions in many different fields from marketing and sales to accounting, paralegals, writing, editing and more. The sites job board is robust with new positions being added regularly. They will also be connecting you with some big name companies that you may not have thought would be looking to fill work at home positions

Ok - so it’s not all roses they do charge a onetime lifetime fee of $32 for full membership. This provides access to their exclusive job boards along with bi weekly email alerts of any new job posting.

Earlier I mentioned the benefits of working at home go both ways. The advantages to you working at home are clear. When you tally up the cost of transportation, clothing and food in addition to greater flexibility in your daily schedule this route can seem very appealing to many. “BUT” don’t you just hate buts, These large companies are gravitating towards the work at home arena as a cost savings.

The big difference is that many of the jobs offered are Independent Contractor positions meaning the company does not provide benefits as they may traditionally do in a regular office setting. You are essentially your own company contracting your services to them but this can be a plus for you at tax time depending on how you look at it.

You may also notice slightly less in hourly pay when compared to a comparable position within an office. This is part of the overall cost saving that’s attracted these employers in the first place and the concessions a home worker must be willing to make to gain the upsides mentioned above.

These employers must also contend with a high turnover rate within the work at home sector. This may be due to people assuming it to be easy money and then quitting when they realize it’s not. I believe this could also be partially due to the insane hype and the promises of getting rich quick whenever you search for work at home jobs online. A classic case of reality just not stacking up to false promises found everywhere on the internet. These are real jobs after all, no different than going to an office every day. You still need to be on time complete your work in a timely and professional manner and log X number of hours weekly.

If this doesn’t sound like what you’re after perhaps you would be more interested in some of the other programs provided on this site. Consider a Home Based Business, or if you’re a stay at home mom with preschool children check out our stay at home mom jobs section for ideas that may work better for you.

One last thing to consider is your own personality. I began to work at home full time about six years ago and have seen many of my friends come and go during that time. Not because they weren’t good workers are couldn’t do the job rather the seclusion that comes with working a home based position.

Good bad or ugly your typical office can become for many adults their main social outlet. Once you begin to work at home it can begin to feel very secluded and it’s just not cut out for everybody.

Consider all these point when deciding your next move and you’ll find yourself in a place that’s comfortable and just right for you.