How to make money with Google

What is required to start making money with Google? Well if you already own a website or blog you should head over and sign up for Google Adsense. Its 100% free easy to implement and once you add the Adsense code to your website or blog your virtually done and Google takes care of the rest while you quietly earn revenue from your visitor traffic.

There is more to consider if you plan on taking your Google Adsense revenue to the next level though. It’s possible to generate a handsome income that by its nature is very passive and will keep coming in month after month if you follow the right strategy.

This may not sound like anything new to those of you who already knew about Adsense but I believe that many aren’t using it to its full advantage. Let`s begin at the start and move through to advanced to get the most out of your Adsense earnings.

To begin after you`ve signed up for your free account you can easily begin placing highly relevant ads on your site or blog. So an example would be if you had a site about gardening Google would deliver topic specific ads on your site that would be highly relevant to your audience and in addition the information that you provide Google about your site will also have these ads geo targeted to your area. This again is increasing the relevance to your audience resulting in a much greater chance of the ads being clicked on and through this action you earn more money.

The relevance of these ads are all configured by Google to help maximize the number of clicks these ads will receive. You will earn a small amount usually in the cents but can reach into dollars per click depending on the topic and competition. This is also why it`s important to make these as attractive as possible as it directly relate to the amount of money you make.

When you configure the ads within your Google Adsense account you have some basic options to choose from. When you select text colours and boarders you should attempt to make this blend in with your content and design as much as possible. I would also do away with the boarders to make it look more integrated. This is just a suggestion and what works for one site may not work for others so test different colours and ad configurations to zero in on what converts best with your audience.

The other option is to select image only ads or a combination of either text or images. This will highly depend on your sites layout and topic so test between image and text links to discover what will convert best.

The trick to strong Asense earning is to scale and this can be done in two different ways. 1) Increase your current visitor traffic or 2) Create more websites or blogs. Any site that has thousands of visitors a day can expect to earn a good return but for the many reading this it`s probably not the case. Now if your simply looking to monetize your existing site then work on increasing traffic and blending your ads more effectively, but once you hit a traffic plateau your Adsense earning will do the same.

If you’re looking at a more advanced way of increasing your earning power then simply scale the number of sites you have. Do some research to find popular topics and start a content rich blog or website to bring in more traffic. Some basic SEO is needed to accomplish this if you don’t have a clue about building traffic you should start learning that first. No matter how great your site looks no visitors means no money period.

Once you’re comfortable about your ability to generate traffic start building out these content sites with plenty of good quality information. It`s also worth mentioning that Adsence itself provides some great tips and advice about ad placement colour schemes and more but never be afraid to experiment and try new things there`s no one single way guaranteed to work best here.

There are also other ways to make money on your site through the placement of affiliate links etc but generally if your goal is to earn with Adsense design your sites to be Adsense only and include lots or informative information to attract the maximum number of visitors.

Now you may end up with dozens of these Adsense sites over time that will collectively earn you a substantial monthly income. The great thing is that once you have them built there out there working for you 24/7. Try to update them every so often as keeping things fresh will help to rank the site higher in the search engines and help to deliver and sustain more visitor traffic.

You may also want to look into services like feedburner to create RSS feed to your content. Basically any method that will bring people in or back to your site is worth exploring. The equation of Adsense is simple more traffic that’s on topic and targeted equals more money.

Something you should consider when expanding your Adsence sites is to always go for timeless topics. What I mean by this is to stick with topics that are always going to be popular like weight loss, making more money, eating healthy etc. These are just examples but you get the idea. Topics that are not fads will always have people interested and in turn provide steady income. Now on the other hand some professionals hit these hot topics as part of their Adsense business model. The goal is to get in front of all the traffic from a recent news story and make all the ad revenue you can before the traffic disappears. I don’t recommend this way if you’re just getting started stick with the slow and steady wins the race mindset for now.

To summarize you can start making money with Google today by signing up for a free Adsense account. Work on your existing site to build traffic and test various ad layouts. Once you feel like you have a working method just rinse and repeat it with a different topic. Then keep building one site after another applying anything new you learn along the way to all your sites. Keep your content fresh by adding a new article every couple of weeks. This will go a long way towards building and keeping your traffic.

Be patient, building traffic takes time and effort but I will assure you it’s worth it in the end. Then sit back and watch the ad revenue roll in each and every day.