Make Money Online Canada

A FREE Canadian Guide To Making Money Online With Amazon.

I’m going to show you how to make money online in Canada absolutely free right here right now so listen up. Ok so let’s get started chances are you’ve heard of if not in a nutshell Amazon is an online marketplace that sells just about anything you could possibly think of. To make money with Amazon in Canada is straight forward and I will explain the step by step process here:

So What Exactly is Amazon?

To begin making money with Amazon you need to become an affiliate with them. It’s 100% free but there are steps you must take before signing up. I will walk you through these steps below. Remember what I’m about to show you can be accomplished in a weekend if your totally new or even just one day if you already have some experience in internet marketing.

I Highly Recommend You Complete Each Step as You Go While Reading This Guide:

What If I’m completely new and worried about my lack of experience. Don’t worry, in fact that’s what holds many people back from even trying in the first place. Don’t let this happen to you. Fear and procrastination will never accomplish anything only actions will garnish results. Today with all the automated systems out there even if you can barely use email you can still have a website up and running within a weekend if you follow this guide.

1. Determine The Topic You Want To Focus On. The most effective way to earn affiliate revenue through Amazon is by writing product reviews and recommendations. It’s very important to accomplish a few things when deciding on a topic. Choose a general topic that personally interests you then drill down to a more specific area within that topic. Example: A general Topic would be {Playing Guitar} Drilling it down to be more specific would be {Learn to play electric guitar} {Learn to play acoustic guitar} {left hand guitars} {how to build a Guitar} {how to repair vintage guitars} and so on. The more specific you are the easier it will be for people to find your website online. If your to general the completion will be far greater and thus that much harder for you to earn affiliate commissions.

Google Keyword Tool is a free service that will help you decide if there are enough people searching for the topic you’re considering. Simply type in the drilled down phrases from above to find out how many monthly searches are taking place. These are known as Keywords and this term will be how I refer to them from this point on. There are many variables to consider here, if you’re promoting high end products than having a search volume of 300 searches a month may be enough however say you focus on lower priced items then you would need maybe 3 to 10,000 searches a month. Being your first website do not get too caught up here the important thing is to pick a topic and get on with it. It’s not like this will be your one and only shot. Everyone chooses a dud once and a while it’s really more about the concept of how everything works. Refining the topics you choose will come as you continue to apply what you learn.

2. Time to choose your Website name. I would always try and get the exact match domain name for your website. These are called EMD’s and will help people to find your site in the search engines. Following the example above if you’ve decided on “how to repair vintage guitars” I would try to get a website name like Now if the EMD is not available it’s not the end of the world. You can use a prefix by putting an X on the end or change things up a bit for example What you really want is your keywords in the website url.

To check the availability, register and set up hosting for the website name you’ve decided on I recommend follow this breif tutorial Setup Guide. I personally use the companies I recomend in the guide as they’ve provided me with great customer service and support over the years. I have made arrangements for anyone using this guide to receive a 25% discount at Host Gator by entering coupon code: Discount77786. The total cost for your domain and hosting plan will be around $20 to $25. Your hosting fee can be as little as $3.95/month so it’s less than fifty buck a year to be up and running. You can find cheaper hosting but it’s the reputation of Host Gator that makes me happy. Remember if your website goes down you could lose sales and for the sake of a dollar or two each month a good reputation will win me over every time.

3. Install Word Press on Your Site. Once you have registered your website name and selected a hosting package it’s time to install wordpress. It’s very easy to install & use, it will allow you to make a high quality site with the greatest of ease. You will need to log in to your Host Gator control panel and look for Fantastico. This will install wordpress automatically onto your website. Remember the support I told you about at Host Gator you can always call and they are happy to help you through the installation process.

Initial Wordpress Set up: After wordpress is installed you can choose between hundreds of free wordpress themes (templates) to start creating your site. I will run through the basic set up below but I’ve found the best source of free training for working with wordpress is YouTube, Just type in your question and presto tons of video tutorials covering every last detail.

Log in to Wordpress with the username and password you created when you first installed it. Down the left side of the screen you will see your navigation Dashboard click on Appearance then click on themes. Hit search all, this will show hundreds of free templates you can use for your site. Pick one click install and then activate

From The Dashboard Set up Categories. Creating categories will help provide your site visitors with easy navigation to find exactly what they’re looking for. An example would be if you had decided on Golfing as your main topic you could have multiple categories based on brand name, right hand clubs, left hand clubs kids clubs and so on. If your topic is fairly small and it’s not necessary to have categories then don’t its merely to help organize the information on your site and make it easier for visitors to find what they are looking for.

***At this point if you have been following our create a website guide Congradulations your done. We recomend you continue building your new site with instruction video`s that are easily found on YouTube. These will help you customize and complete the site.***

Continue with the Amazon Challenge with step 4

4. Time To Become an Amazon Associate. Simply go to Amazon and click on the Join Now link (here's a direct link for your convenience). They do review sites before they approve them but at this point you should at least have wordpress and a new theme installed. Even if you don’t have any content yet you will be indicating the site is just launching so getting approved shouldn’t be an issue.

5. Build your first Amazon link. First log in to your Associates account. Find a link in the top left corner that says back to Amazon. Once there just search for products related to your topic, after you find a product you wish to promote click on the “link to this page” located in the gray strip across the very top of the page. It will provide you with the Amazon link code and all you have to do is copy and paste this code to your site. Just leave that window open for a minute you will need to paste this code to you site shortly

6. Back to Wordpress. From your wordpress Dashboard click on posts and then add new. This will open an editor where you can add content to your site. First let’s paste in that Amazon link. You will see two tabs in the top right corner of where you will be adding your text. One says Visual and the other says HTML the Amazon link code is HTML so click this tab first. Then copy and paste the Amazon link code from the last step into the text box. Now click the Visual tab, you should see a very nice Amazon link for the product you selected. Staying on the visual tab you can begin to write a review about the product.

How do I write a Review? Well this can be done in many ways but do not simply copy and paste from other sites or information you find online. Google will consider this duplicate content and your site could get penalized for it. Research the product online then proceed in writing your review in your own words using what you found in your research as a guide. EVERY POST SHOULD BE A MIN OF 500 WORDS. The idea here is to create interest kind of like your pre selling the product. You want the visitor to click through your Amazon link and hopefully make a purchase. So your review should be interesting and engaging so the visitor wants more and will follow the link to investigate further. The folks at Amazon are experts when it comes to selling so you want the visitor on their site by the end of your review. Keep in mind that once a visitor enters Amazon from your link you will earn a commission on anything they buy even if it’s not the original product you where linking to that’s why it’s so important to get them there.

The post Title will be very important and should do a good job at targeting your topic or product. Search engines like Google will use this as one of the many variables to determine how they rank your website

Once your review is written all you have to do is click the publish button near the top right side and your done. Now continue searching for related products on Amazon to offer and continue researching and writing more reviews. Once you have about 5 to 10 reviews done its time to make your new site available to the public. Go to your wordpress Dashboard near the bottom under setting click privacy and check off the option that will make your website available to the search all the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN etc

7. Search Engine Optomization (SEO) There are many different techniques that will help your website to rank well in the search engines. Rather than me attempting to provide the details here that would take far too long as there are many different techniques. I recommend searching YouTube or Google for how to optimize my wordpress site or SEO for wordpress you will find a ton of free information. Just remember to apply what you learn. Reading everything you can is great but actually doing will help you to learn faster and put you closer to results.

Promoting Your Website A great free way to promote your site is to post comments on other related blogs that include your website link. Also writing articles about the topic and submitting them to free directories like ezine article or Go articles will help drive traffic. Find any related forums and join. The whole idea here is the more places online that are related to your topic and that you are able to leave a link back to your website the more traffic you will eventually get.

I really hope you have been doing each step as you’ve read this guide otherwise it may sound a bit intimidating and you may be wondering if you can really do it. You’ll never know unless you try and although it may sound like a lot of work the truth is it’s really not. Once you do it things become easier and easier as you build more and more confidence along the way.

BE REASONABLE: Let’s put things into perspective so no one gets disappointed. I said I'd show you how to make money online in Canada for free right. Well I've done that because in many cases you have to pay for the process on top of the website domain purchase. Your new website is a tool necessary to accomplish your goal. You’ve invested about $25 so far to get to this point. There is no magic bullet in making money online it takes time and lots of hard work but it will happen. It may even take Google a couple of weeks to even find your site for the first time so patience is a must when you first begin doing this.

90 Day Action Plan I would suggest that you create at least 2 more sites ASAP each targeted on a different topic. The idea of having 3 sites is to increase the chances of at least one if not all taking off. Then focus your energy on SEO and promoting your 3 sites using as many free methods as you can find. Dedicate a min of 1 hour a day to do this more if possible for 90 days straight or at least Mon to Fri.

You will be amazed at your results if you stay dedicated. Failing to stick with it is the number one cause of failure when it comes to making money online. Everyone seemingly wants money in the bank overnight with little or no effort like the internet is made of magic. So now the choice is yours, you have a plan that can definitely make you money if you apply yourself. This guide is by no means the be all and end all but what it does provide is a structure for you to follow and build on.

To all your Success with your goal to make money online in Canada.