3 ways to Make Money with a website

We explain three ways to make money with a website.

Creating and operating your own website to make money is not only very cost effective these days but can also afford you a very lucrative full time income. The site you create can focus on any one of the many different areas of making money online. From Google Adsense , Affilliate marketing, Blogging, promoting products via Amazon or even the creation of your very own information or tangible product. Follow this guide if you’re not sure of the right steps to take. Even a straight up beginner can find success it’s really not out of reach for anyone.

The internet is now a teenager and with that comes the ease of use factor. To build your own website these days you don’t need to be a tech person at all. Just as the point and shoot cameras revolutionized photography so has the availability of push button scripts in website building. These are effectively known as professional templates with personalized user customization built right in. The term “what you see is what you get” is what this allows you to do this. There is no need to learn or understand code its now point and click website creation.

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One way that’s very popular to make money with your own website is through Affilliate marketing. This is when you actively promote other people’s products and earn a commission on every sale made as a result of your referral. For a detailed overview take a look at What’s Affiliate Marketing.

Blogging is another deadly simply way to make money online with a website. A blog allows you to tightly focus on a particular subject or market niche as you will often hear it referred to. Upon building up your blog visitor traffic you can begin to make money with your blog through Google Adsense, Affiliate marketing Amazon or a combination of all three. The unique feature to blogging is its viral nature and constantly fresh and updated content make them a winner in the search engines. Depending on your market you could even sell advertising directly to other companies or businesses that are relevant to your audience. The trick with any website or blog is getting traffic that’s ultimately the life blood of any website or blog attempting to make money.

Building a product review site is another way to make money with your site. This is actually easy and effective. Simply write honest reviews of products you use, for example say you just got the latest treadmill with all the bells and whistles and you just love it. Take that enthusiasm and write a review about all the things you like about the quality and stand out features then link that review to Amazon where anyone reading your review can purchase your exact treadmill. You earn a commission and the person buying appreciated reading a firsthand review from a real user assuring them they will be happy with the product. You can base your review site on anything but the most important thing is to be honest and recommend things you’ve actually used. The last thing you want is your reputation being run through the mud because your recommending crappy stuff without first trying it yourself.

Getting the traffic to your website or blog will be the hardest part. There are literally thousands of websites out there all suggesting you do this or that to build your traffic. Don’t get me wrong there is of course lots of good information out there but in my eyes content will always be king. Sure you have to follow good practices and have a decent looking site but it’s the information within the site that holds all the value at the end of the day. Don’t we all know a restaurant or 2 that if we didn’t know how delicious the food really was we would never go in based on looks alone? What I’m getting at is don’t get to caught up on perfection in design and focus your energy on providing content of decent value. The equation is this, Better Content = More Visitors = More opportunities to make money using the methods we’ve discussed. Without traffic you’re dead in the water so it should always be a primary goal of any website or blog owner.

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