Make Money Blogging

Blogging to make money has become a popular pastime and in the process has been earning people some serious income. Considered to be one of the lowest cost ways to begin your pursuit of making money online blogging can be lucrative once your know how to properly monetize your blog after its creation. Falling under one of my favourite money making categories of passive income a blog that provides great information to its visitors can earn you money even if you’re not updating it daily.

There are many free blog platform providers such as blogger and others but one thing to consider is the control you ultimately want to have over your blog if your plan is make money. Free blogs are great but not when you go to monetize them. Many have restrictions under their terms and conditions that won’t allow you advertise what you want or anything at all in some cases

I prefer to create my blogs under my own domain by registering a website with a company like Hostgator (if you decide to go this route use this coupon code for a 25% discount) then installing wordpress right through the hostgator control panel. This is extremely simple and will give you complete control over your blog as well as the added benefit of a proper website address. Ex vs.

As just mentioned your domain and hosting will need to be purchased but it works out to be about $20 for the entire year so the for all the up side just do yourself a favour and do the way I’ve suggested.

One very nice aspect of being a new blogger is the ease in which you can set up a great looking webpage. Wordpress offers hundreds of free templates and you really don’t need to know anything about computer code. Everything is point and click what you see is what you get so don’t worry at all about the tech side of starting a blog to make money.

Still sitting there thinking what in the world will you actually blog about?

Blogging is no different than any other method of making money online. First you will need visitor traffic or you won’t be making a penny. To get strong visitor traffic good content will be your greatest ally. Sure there are a million and one ways you can read about but content is king in my books. So blog about something that’s of interest to you. If you’re a stay at home mom blog about parenting, provide tips to new parents or an illness perhaps one of your children experienced. If you’re a golfer, fisherman, runner all the same thing. Having a successful blog that will actually make money is all about the value you provide your visitors. Remember keeping an up to date blog with fresh content is essential so just pick something that you feel you will have plenty to talk about. Your blog posts don’t need to be a novel the general rule of thumb is to be approx 500 words plus on each post.

The great thing about blogging is that there are no real rules, your better to do what comes naturally and let your true personality shine through you and your readers will both prefer it. OK so now your new blog is up and running the next big hurdle is getting traffic because right now no one knows you exist.

Get social with your blog and get the word out. Join as many social networks as you can include a link to your blog in your profile. Writing articles and submitting them to free article directories will also help your new blog gain momentum. Search for online forums about the topic your writing about participate in the conversations again leaving a link to your blog. There are of course many paid ways to acquire traffic but that another topic onto itself. You should be able to get plenty of traffic utilizing the many free ways to do so.

So your working hard writing content for your blog joining social networks and gaining traffic now it’s time to think about how you can make money with that blog! One of the most popular ways to make money on any blog is with Google Adsense it’s free and by joining you will allow Google to place various types of advertising on your blog that will be automatically targeted to your specific audience. You need not worry yourself about selecting ads it’s all done for you by Google. You simply decide where you want them displayed and they do the rest. Each time a visitor clicks on one of the ads seen on your blog you earn a small commission. This is why traffic is so important the more people you have visiting your blog the more money you stand to make.

There are also other options like Amazon where you could promote a product to your blog visitors and if they make a purchase you also earn a commission. These products should be closely matched to your blog topic and to the interest of you visitors. By doing this it will greatly increase the number of sales you can potentially make.

Once you have steady traffic visiting your blog you could branch off in to selling advertising space to businesses in the same market. The sky’s the limit for potential here as advertisers are always looking for targeted ways to reach potential customers.

The last great thing about blogging for money is that after all that hard work is said and done and you’ve unfortunately lost interest want to move one it wasn’t all in vein. You can sell that established blog for anywhere between five and ten times the monthly revenue allowing you to simply rinse and repeat the entire process.

So that’s how you can start making money with a blog but if however if you just have a passion to write and don’t want to be bothered with creating and maintaining your own blog look into freelance writing where you can get paid to write content for other peoples blogs and websites. You have lots of choices but the worst one is to simply do nothing after reading this. So go out there and make it happen. For more on how to make money blogging I highly recomend checking out the Icome Blogging Guide