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Canadian Opportunity was created to take the scam factor out of finding legitimate home based business ideas. Opening a home based business in Canada is well within the reach of many thanks to the advancement of the internet over the last several years. Many Canadian's have ultimately given up their regular 9-5 jobs upon garnishing success with their own online business. Some make the transition easy and others seem to be in a never-ending struggle. Let me explain what I believe is the recipe for success when it comes to starting a home based business with the following 5 points.

“If you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life” Many of us have heard this saying but very few of us follow and live by it. It’s a real challenge to accomplish this but when you’re deciding to start your own home business it’s your chance. You now have the luxury to explore your interests and determine what would be ideally suited for you.

1) Make sure you enjoy what you’re getting into. When you enjoy your work you will inherently work harder and stay focused longer bringing success that much closer. Setting yourself up to do something you already dislike is like planning to fail. Many make the jump into home business by staying within their industry. If you love what you do that’s great go for, but if the only reason your doing it is the fear of failure about trying something new . Then you’ll have problems from day one. Your heart just won’t be in it.

Goal Setting & Discipline. It’s dangerously easy to begin slipping off when you’re working from home. The new found freedom along with having no boss can have you wasting hours each day if you’re not careful. Especially when working online, email and a bit of off topicsurfing can have your new business nose diving so don’t chance it. Use a daily organizer if you have one or buy one but it’s a bigmistake if you go into without a plan, proper goals and the daily tasks required to accomplish them. I personally use an online service called Goals on Track and absolutely love it! I won’t go into details as proper organization is a topic on to itself but have a look and never overlook the importance of setting proper goals and the discipline to follow through on them. This is an essential step when starting a home based business don’t let it be your Achilles heel.

3) Don't get taken in by all the hype if you decide to start an online business. The success of many fledgling home based businesses is not made overnight. The internet is without a doubt and incredible marketplace but it’s also not a magic bullet to wealth and riches. Every business needs a Capitan at them helm guiding it through the ups and downs and keeping it on track towards the next goal. Just as you would take a traditional brick and mortar business seriously so must you with and online business. Internet success stories are abundant but remain grounded and realistic at all time. This will serve you far better than fast and easy money promises out there. Building a successful Home Based Business takes time and effort period there are no short cuts.

4) Income expectations are important to plan for. Determine your exact monthly expenses prior to getting started. Knowing this will help you stay focused and will make a great goal to shoot for. This type of financial goal setting will help you plot a straight course for leaving your current job or replacing / exceeding your previous income level if you’ve already left or been let go. I personally use financial goals all the time, I find them highly motivational especially in the beginning. Money isn’t everything butit can certainly feel that way when you start a home based business for the first time. Achieving those first few financial goals will not only make you feel great but will also go a long way to building your own self confidence in operating a successful home business.

5) Never rest on your past success. The internet is constantly evolving and to be successful you have to stay on top of it. What worked today may not work tomorrow so never stop learning. Change is part of online business don’ t fall in love with a particular website if its not working cut it loose and move on your time will always your most precious commodity so use it wisely every day.

Be Social and reach out to other businesses in your field to see what’s working for them. Competition is not a bad thing all the time,you may learn something new to apply to your own business or discover possible JV’s (joint ventures) with other like minded individuals.

The internet is a great place to work and I would encourage anyone to explore the many options available. When I consider my past working life to my life now it’s incredible. I’m not a millionaire claiming I make tens of thousands a day but I make a good living and couldn’t even begin to put a dollar amount on the freedom my home based business has afforded me. My office is my lap top and I lookat my boss in the mirror every morning when I wake up and that’s just perfect for me.

These five steps alone are of course no guarantee of a successful home based business but in my opinion it’s a good foundation to start with when you first begin your journey. Continue reading Starting a Business