Create a website for less than $30

A SIMPLE tutorial designed to take you through the process of easily creating your own website. All you’re questioned will be answered and you could have your own website up and running within a very short amount of time even if you currently know nothing about building a website.

We will begin at the very beginning right from scratch so just follow along and you shouldn’t have any issues. The first thing you will need is a domain name and web hosting. This will ultimately play a significant roll with your website so we will be recommending some of the better choices that blend excellent service along with very completive prices. The total cost of creating your new site will be approximately $30 or less.

Ok Let’s Get Started

Step 1 – Register Your Website Domain Name

This step is important and will impact how well your site will perform so pick a name that has some relevancy to what your site will be about. Follow these suggestions for choosing a website domain name:

  • The name should be relevant to the subject of your site.
  • Keep it simple and make it easy to remember.
  • Use a descriptive name so that people would have an idea about what they will find on the site by name alone
  • Always use one of these extensions (.com, .org, or .net) This effects the performance within search engines like Google etc.

Registering- Now that you have determined what the website address of your new site will be its time to register it. There are many companies out there that provide this service but your far better off going with a company that has a solid reputation of service. I would recommend GoDaddy as your best choice for this. They have a great reputation in fact you’ve probably already heard of them. They provide excellent customer service and will help you if you encounter any issues with your new site.

Check the availability of the name you selected now. Make sure you use .com .org or .net as I mentioned above. Type it in below and GoDaddy will let you know instantly if it’s still available or already in use. There are also cases where the domain you decided has been bought but is now up for sale. These can be very expensise just keep searching until you find one thats available at the $12 price point.

If the website name or domain as it’s called that you decided on is still available simply check the box next to it, and continue. Most of the time you will be asked if you wish to purchase the other available extensions like .ca .co and so on but just say no thanks. The reason for this is if you were building a business that was focused on branding you would not want your competition to purchase the exact same domain name as you with the only difference being the extension at the end. Depending on the site you have in mind this may or may not apply.

Registering is easy with simple to follow instructions. You will want to register your new domain for at least one year. The registration can be renewed at any time and for longer durations if your new site turns out to be a keeper.

Additionally you’ll be asked to purchase privacy protection and hosting packages just say no thanks. I prefer to keep my domain register separate form my hosting company. Now GoDaddy does offer hosting as I mentioned but I have never used it and HostGator is what I recommend here. The new domain will be ready within 24 hours or less and you will now officially own your fist domain

Step 2 – Set Up HostGator Web Host Account

Create a web hosting account with Hostgator:
1) First visit HostGator When you land at their site, you will see a ‘View Web Hosting Plans’ button right in the middle of the page, click on this to view the available plans.

2)With only 1 domain to host, the ‘Hatchling plan’ is what your after and the cost can be as low as $3.96 or if you don’t want any time commitment it’s just slightly more. Remember to use the coupon code Discount77786 for an intsant 25% discount

3) When you click the order now button you will be asked to locate a domain name or use existing domain. Since you already own a domain that we just registered in the last step enter it into the box provided and follow the instructions.

**** Important Keep The NameServer Information They Provide When You Register You Will Need This To Activate it****

Final Step Changing The NameServer's

Now you have acquired both the components you own a domain name and have a hosting account. The last step of linking the two together seems intimidating but it really isn’t.

First thing to do is to log in to your GoDaddy account select my account and the Domains It should look like this.

Click on Domain Management as indicated by the black arrow above. Then click on the domain you registered and you will be taken to a details page. You are looking for a link that says “Set Name Servers” click on it and you should see a screen like this.

screen shot 2

Select the specific name servers and enter the nameservers HostGator provided you when you signed up a hosting account. Hit the Confirm button and your all done. Allow at least a couple of hours for the name server change to take effect.

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